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Africa Safaris and Lodge Tours in Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania

Wild Africa: Malawi-Zambia - Safari and Lodge Tour
This tour combines the excitement of a safari through Zambia's wilderness and the most beautiful of Malawi's national parks. We sleep in comfortable lodges (which may be a bit more basic sometimes, but are invariably clean and exceptionally beautiful situated in the stunning wilderness). The unspoilt nature and the numerous animals give this exciting safari its unique character.
Faces of Malawi - Lodge Tour
This tour is made for all who search a true African experience. We explore cities, villages, National Parks, and the beaches of beautiful Lake Malawi. On this tour, we focus on daily life and folk culture in Malawi. How do people combine their traditional values with the exigencies of modern life, and how do they manage to radiate such joie de vivre in spite of their obvious material poverty?
Wildlife Africa - Malawi Lodge Tour
This extensive lodge tour will lead us through the quintessential Africa, unspoilt by big-scale tourism. In beautiful national parks, we visit the out-of-the-way habitats of a unique flora and fauna. On the road, we meet the friendly people of Malawi and dip into their African way of life. But it's the manifold nature in Southern-East Africa which this tour focuses upon.
Wildlife Refuges and Island Paradises - Lodge Tour
This lodge tour with boat trip will bring you to the most stunning places of Malawi, this small country of great beauty. We visit national parks with abundant wildlife, but the focus is on the huge Lake Malawi. To get the real lake-feeling, we take a boat to visit the two most beautiful islands with their white sandy beaches.
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